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$1M - $2M Funding
Pre-Series A

We're building a community, first, and then a product that will serve that community!

Community first, product second!™️

Although our plans are to build a large B2B SaaS platform for community data (integration / ingestion engine for systems of record) that surfaces meaningful and actionable insights, we are starting much smaller by building a community, an education course, and a small MVP to to test-drive some early validation and a number of hypotheses.

We are super-early stage but with a very experienced team! We have been supported through 2 round of venture financing.

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Active Roles
Why join us?
  • We're a virtues-driven business. We like to table all-the-things and we communicate honestly, even . and especially when it's hard.

    1. We're a remote-first / distributed-first company:

    2. This means that we value action (and communication) above almost everything else!

    3. Consequently, we believe in virtues, not values:

    Our current operating virtues are:

    1. Table all the things
    2. Speed of decision making

    You can find those via our GitHub handbook!

  • We have experienced leadership with the founder having built a number of venture-backed companies with acquisitions to Fortune 500. We've also raised 2 rounds of early-stage funding and have runway for 1-2 interested engineers to build our core product!

  • We have a clear vision for where we'd like to head (the problem space that we're attacking) but have a rare opportunity to build from scratch! We can't wait to collaborate and build our vision together!

Engineering at YEN
Engineering team and processes

We've just hired our first technical engineer and we will need additional help as we scale out our initial concepts. We are building our processes and share many of our operational habits here:

You'd appreciate that we care about documentation and transparency! Communication is everything in a distributed-first team and it starts with those two things.

Technical Challenges

One of the biggest initial tasks will be to create an ingestion engine (via APIs) for a number of source systems that span a number of different tool types (CRMs, HR, social networking, etc.) and then performing ML on the data to reveal actionable insights for our customers.

We want to be able to ingest a ton of data and surface insights into a dashboard smartly and quickly.

We don't have a full-time designer so we'll be using off-the-shelf design kits to build our first PoC / MVP.

Projects you might work on
  • We are building a web-based version of our app first with native (iOS/Android) much later. A customer can oAuth as initial registration / onboarding and then sees a dashboard with insights via that integration source system.

Tech stack
Dynamic web languages

Working at YEN

We are distributed-first. We are serious about our work but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We like to share our work (and lives) with our clients and the rest of our team.

We build in the open!

John, the CEO, blogs daily ( about life, family, startups, and everything in-between and also tries to keep two youtube channels active ( and as well as a weekly newsletter (

Flexible Hours

work how you you work. we like that.

Company Retreats

we historically meet 2-3 times in-person around the world.

Health Insurance

we have the best (top tier) health insurance (vision and dental with brushes and toothpaste delivered to your door!).


we believe in kaizen — continuous improvement, all-the-things. meaning, we thoughtfully offer executive / leadership coaching and pay for any health-related activities, especially mental health!

Maternal/Paternal Leave

Got kiddos? We do too. Generous leave for the most important people in our lives!

Work from Home

work wherever you'd like! We'll help you get the stuff you need to be amazing!

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