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Yogi is a SaaS tool that companies use to track and quantify customer feedback. As companies push to become more customer centric, the amount of customer feedback that these organizations obtain has grown exponentially. Yogi uses AI and Natural Language Processing to take this large scale of unstructured data from disparate sources and analyze them at a level previously not possible, diving deeper into what customers are talking about, how they’re reacting, and what this could mean for business.

Why join us?

  • Since launching the alpha version of our product in May of 2019, we've already kickstarted pilots with multiple Fortune 500 companies and closed a sizable seed round (all with just the two co-founders).

  • Our founders are software engineers at heart, with experience spanning from companies like Microsoft and Lockheed Martin to being the first engineer hired at a start-up. We've seen well run as well as badly run engineering teams, and use those experiences to make our engineering team one that is solely focused on building a great product.

  • We believe in autonomy. You'll have complete control over your day-to-day and have the ability to make important engineering decision. This also means that if you believe a feature will take you a week to do, then we give you a week to do it (other people influencing dev estimates is a big pet peeve of one of our co-founders).

Engineering at Yogi

Engineering team and processes

This early on in our company, we aren't interested in instituting any rigid structure or process on our engineering team. Our engineering team is flat, and everyone has access to everyone else in the company. Chad (one of our co-founders) acts as a PM only when necessary, but otherwise the engineering team is all coders.

We aren't in the business of instituting process for the sake of it, or because its cool. We only institute processes when it truly helps the engineering team function better. We use Asana to keep track of progress, have a meeting on Monday to kick off the week, and a meeting on Friday to see where we landed. Other than that, we trust our employees to bring up issues, have design discussions, and do whatever they need as they see fit.

Technical Challenges

We are quickly moving towards a point where we need to process thousands of events per second, and present outputs/changes to our clients in real time.

We are also a real AI company, with neural networks to help us in the Natural Language Processing space. Since this is such a fast moving field, we are always exploring new techniques and architectures to make sure we stay cutting edge.

At the end of the day, we are still a small company that needs to move as fast as possible. So we are always balancing what we promise customers, how long it takes, building a sustainable architecture, and 1000 other factors that can be important for our business. This leads to really interesting and challenging debates, which we believe adds to the excitement :)

Projects you might work on
  • Building a sustainable data ingestion pipeline: one of the key differentiations with Yogi is it's ability to bring together customer feedback across a variety of sources (public sources like Amazon reviews and Yelp, as well as internal sources like support emails and CRMs). You'd help us build out a well structured and extendable pipeline for pulling data from all these different sources and running them through our NLP engine.

  • Real time dashboard and customizability: at the end of the day, our customers get a real time BI dashboard that gives them visibility into what their customers are saying and how they are reacting. However every customer has a different way they like their dashboard structured, or different data that they like to emphasize more than others. You'd come in and help us build this ability for our end users to personalize their dashboards the way that they like.

  • Scalable NLP engine: another big differentiation is our ability to automatically categorize user feedback (e.g. Yogi can take a bunch of customer feedback and determine which ones are talking about the product's taste vs. the product's look). However there is a lot of processing of data that goes into generating these categories, and ends up being one of our biggest engineering bottlenecks. You'd come in and help us re-engineer this infrastructure to make it more scalable.

Tech stack
AWS Lambda

Working at Yogi

We hate being micromanaged, and believe you do too. We have the utmost trust in every single one of our employees, and give them the independence to make important business and engineering decisions.

We love resourcefulness, and think a good measure of an engineer is their ability to find creative solutions to difficult problems and being able to do what it takes to help the business, even if that means you need to build a front-end dashboard even though you haven't touched JS in 4 years.

We also emphasize transparency. You will always know what is happening with the business, whether it's good news or bad. At Yogi we see ourselves as one cohesive unit, and openness is a huge part of that.

Perks & benefits
  • Other

    Forget it Fridays are a critical part of our company. At 5 o'clock every Friday, we want you to drop everything and head out from the office. You can pick things back up when you come in on Monday ;)

  • Generous Vacation

    Unlimited Vacation policy, just give us a 24 hour heads up :)

  • Team Activities

    We consistently go to Happy Hours or team dinners. Honestly they are fairly ad-hoc, so if you want to have one we'll make it happen.

  • Flexible Hours

    No rules on hours. If you get your work done from 9pm to 5am, more power to you.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical and dental coverage.

  • Work from Home

    If you need to work from home, go for it.

  • Workshops/Conferences

    If there's a conference or workshop that you want to go to (or speak/contribute to), we'll do what it takes to get you there.

Our Team by the Numbers

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