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26 - 50 Employees
11 - 25 Engineers
$10M - $25M Funding
Series A

We are a modern, embedded payroll provider that helps empower companies to build their own unique payroll service. On top of our easy-to-use payroll API we are pioneering an all inclusive tax engine to democratize a broken and cumbersome process providing accessibility to small, medium and large businesses and helping Americans get paid.

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Why join us?

  • We help hardworking employees get paid. Put it simply—if our system goes down, people don't get paid. Working at Zeal is really fulfilling because of how impactful our engine is in having a real impact on everyday American lives.

  • We're pioneering a new area in the (super hot) embedded fintech space. We will enable the world's greatest platforms to build highly individualized financial products.

  • Our mission is to be the backend tax/payment logic that touches every paycheck in the United States. We are rebuilding 50% of the IRS and have access to tax data that even they don't have.

  • We have core staff engineers with over 10+ years of eng experience + staff eng IC experience. You will get great mentorship from humble and incredibly talented engineers.

  • Payroll is an $8 Trillion Market and payroll taxes comprise a good portion of American GDP. The market is huge.

  • We're backed by amazing fintech investors like Spark Capital + Box Group and experienced angels such as the founders of Marqeta, Namely, Robinhood!

Engineering at Zeal

Engineering team and processes

We work on 2-week cycles. Every sprint starts with a sprint planning session (time estimates, prioritization, etc) and ends with a sprint retro (were our estimates accurate, what can we do better, etc).

We conduct backlog grooming in the middle of every sprint to update tickets and estimates based on new information or shifting of priorities. We also conduct a quick “mini-standup” in Slack everyday to allow the team to express what they’re working on and any blockers they’re facing.

We primarily use Github to conduct code reviews (led by our Staff Engineers) and use Jenkins to deploy to our various environments. We hide features behind feature flags, empowering us to push code everyday!

Technical Challenges

We architect our tax engine to adapt to 11,000+ local tax jurisdictions across all 50 states while still servicing accurate tax calculations to our customers.

As a payments company, we want to ensure that our processes are accurate and traceable.

Handling compliance and payment edge cases (ACH reversals, tax complications, etc) is a challenge in itself.

Projects you might work on
  • You would help revamp our API documentation to make integration with Zeal an enjoyable experience and possibly lead Developer Relations!

  • You would help our Taxes and Payments team build out more of the payroll infra stack and handle payment risk and edge cases.

  • You would get to work on our white label components, which are pre-built frontend elements that help our customers build a payroll product in the matter of a few hours!

  • Payroll is the launch pad for the next 5+ financial products for our customers (ie insurance, lending, tax credits, etc). You would lead our suite of financial products built on top of payroll!

Tech stack

Working at Zeal

As an infrastructure company, the robustness of our service is of utmost importance. We follow best practices in both our architecture/infra, but also our codebase to ensure that our customers are not impacted by lapses in service.

We also highly value cross-communication between teams. Growth, Product, Design, Compliance, Legal, Operations, and Engineering all work together in harmony.

Diversity and Inclusion

Currently we are a team of about 50 employees and we are really excited to bring more creative and diverse voices to our team.

For hiring and retention, we are starting to lay down the foundations by implementing an ATS system that is EOCC compliant and we have set frameworks to survey our current team and where there may be biases in our hiring and/or department structure (on our engineering team we have individuals from LatinX backgrounds, Asian, Black and LGBTQ+ backgrounds as well as people from diverse backgrounds — but we still want to hire some amazing female individuals for our engineering team - we still have lots of work to do)

As we begin to grow and scale diversity will be a pivotal aspect of how we hire and retain and grow our staff members. Some ways we are optimizing for decreasing bias is setting up standardized hiring processes so we can evaluate candidates on competencies needed to do the job, not on a hunch or our preferences.

We highly encourage mentorship and pair programming in our Engineering team. We expect our senior engineers to prioritize engineer growth and have designed our office to encourage collaboration.

We also support individuals from tech and non-tech backgrounds, we want to hire the best talent and have them be experts in their roles and teach us what they know. I would say we have a very transparent and open to feedback culture.

We have some ideas on the back-burner, focused on helping non-profits in the tax and payroll services industries so that they can help more minorities get access to complex and hard-to-find information. We also have some employees who are interested in volunteering at these places and getting more training in their areas of expertise, and we fully support those endeavors!

Connect with our team during your hiring process

As part of our commitment to an inclusive workplace, we are happy to offer prospective engineers the chance to connect with our engineering employees who come from underrepresented backgrounds. It’s a way to get a better sense of our team and what it might be like to work with us.

If you’re interested in connecting with our team, be sure to bring this up during one of our introductory calls!

Perks & benefits
  • Beautiful Office

    We're located in the heart of SoMa, just a quick bike ride to the Embarcadero! 😎

  • Women-led company

    Kirti Shenoy our co-founder and CEO 💪

  • Minority-led company

    First-gen founders! 🥳

  • Health Insurance

    100% coverage of health, dental, and vision! 🩺

  • Team Activities

    We have cocktail night every Friday! Our team also loves to play Catan and go on hikes together. 🥾

  • LGBTQ+ friendly

    We are an open and inclusive work space and we'd love you to bring your true authentic self to work 🏳️‍🌈

  • Free Food

    Fully stocked pantry (I am a big fan of the espresso machine)! ☕️ We also do Chipotle runs sponsored by our founders once in a while and go out for drinks and happy hours together!

  • Gym/Fitness

    We give our employees a $100 stipend every month for their wellness, not just for the gym! 🧘🏽‍♀️

  • Prioritizes diversity in hiring

    We are young but we are already putting the systems we need in place to eliminate bias in the hiring process and will implement more as our talent team grows and scales. 🚀 🦄 🌟

  • Pet Friendly

    Bring your furry friend to work to say hi we'd love to see them! 🐈🐕 🐟

Our Team by the Numbers

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