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101 - 250 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$100m+ funding
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At Zeus Living, we believe housing shouldn’t constrain how, where, and when you want to live. At the center of everything we do are our people—our customers, partners, and the Zeus team. That’s what our founders knew when they started Zeus Living in 2015, setting out to make renting a home easier. The goal then—and now—is to create a new, modern mode of housing, making it easy to live well—reliably, safely, comfortably, even stylishly—wherever, whenever.

We’ve grown and learned a great deal since we started. Today we’re a hardworking team of creators, problem-solvers, and strategists committed to our vision and values. Based in San Francisco and backed by Airbnb, Comcast, Bowery, and Initialized Capital, we’ve raised $90M in funding.

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • Solve a real pain point — Housing is something that touches everyone. It's where you spend the majority of your time. We have gotten used to it being a mediocre experience. Our customers are delightfully surprised by our focus on quality, convenience, and customer service. These are generally lacking in the housing industry. We can make it better and have a huge impact on the world.

  • Huge market — There is no bigger market than housing. Furnished housing is a huge, $10B market that is ripe for disruption. The incumbents are surviving due to existing relationships and haven't adapted to an on-demand world. Using software, we can offer a superior product at lower costs.

    We are focusing on the high end of the market where the margins are much healthier. We have excellent unit economics already and will be able to expand them over time. We are not trying to grow our way into a business model. We are growing a working business model and taking it to the next level.

  • Amazing team — You'll be joining a world-class product team that doesn't take itself too seriously and checks their egos at the door. Cultural fit is as important to us as technical ability. We believe in a positive, healthy work environment and taking care of everyone that works at Zeus.

    The Zeus founders have all had previous exits and have worked in real estate and technology for over 10 years.

Engineering at Zeus

Engineering team and processes

Each engineer works closely with a business department. We have 4 business departments so there are generally 3-4 engineers per department. You work closely with the business department and a product manager to figure out the best way to hit that unit's goal. It may involve customer-facing projects or internal tools, but you'll be given ownership over the project and will be responsible for delivering it. Each of these groups is called a pod.

As a feature is being developed, an engineer will meet with the PM and designers to give feedback and understand the overall goals. We like to involve engineers early and often in the development process. Once user stories and mockups are finalized, an engineer is responsible for implementing, testing, and releasing the feature. All code is reviewed by by one of your teammates in your pod. Whenever a feature is ready, we release it to production.

We keep meetings to a minimum. You meet weekly w/ your pod to discuss the status of current and future projects. Once a month, the whole tech department meets to do demos and a retrospective to see if there are any improvements we want to make to our development process. We don't do daily stand-ups.

We are still a small team and want our engineers to feel empowered to move quickly. We look for talented, practical, and humble people who are fun to work with. Everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and raise concerns no matter their position. We believe this is the way to build a strong and productive team that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Technical Challenges

Our technical challenges are divided into 3 areas:

PRODUCT: Our product is the website/emails/apps that our external customers (e.g. tenants, property owners) interact with. Housing can be a messy business, but we want to build a product that's beautiful and easy to understand. It's difficult to balance user experience, legal, and financial requirements and present concepts that are intuitive to users. Furthermore, we expect the underlying front-end code to be readable, modular, and performant.

OPERATIONS: We are building an intelligent software system that will manage tens of thousands of furnished units across the US. This system will touch every part of the business and use its global view of the company to ensure that we are operating optimally. Some of those areas include pricing, logistics, inventory management, finance, and personalized customer service. Our philosophy is that most things still need a human touch and we want to make everyone at Zeus 10x more productive than they are now. The system can help them by automating many tasks, recommending actions to be taken, and producing analytics for them to understand what's happening. There are difficult challenges around coordinating and understanding our complex business and creating a UX that is understandable by our team.

DATA: We are in the early stages of leveraging data in our business, but we believe it will be critical to our success. Before we acquire a property, we want to predict down to the dollar how profitable a property will be. This means we must have a deep understanding of the unfurnished rental market, furnished rental market, and the property's operating costs. In some cases, there is abundant, public data and in other cases, we must use our internal data which can often be sparse. We also want to become much more granular with our pricing models. Furnished housing is strongly seasonal and we need to quickly react to shifts in supply and demand so we charge the optimal price. Engineering's job is to ingest data across the US on a real-time scale and ensure the data quality is high.

Projects you might work on
  • Create a home booking experience that captures all the information we need, satisfies legal requirements, and feels effortless to the tenant. You may need to develop a custom screening process that gives us confidence the tenant will pay the rent on time, but is not so heavy-handed that it drives too many tenants away. It must also handle international tenants (who have no credit history) and students (who have minimal credit history).

  • Build a landlord signup process that collects property information, engages the user, sells the benefits of Zeus, and gives an automated quote and contract for onboarding a property onto the Zeus platform within 24 hours.

  • Given a set of tasks, properties, and field technicians, devise the optimal schedule for each field technician such that all tasks are completed. Each task has time and priority requirements that must be met. Each field technician has restrictions on location, time, and skill set. There should be time buffers to allow for breaks and unexpected delays.

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails

Working at Zeus

We put a lot of thought and care into maintaining that culture and here are some of our values:

1) Fast-paced environment - we work in small teams that are constantly pushing new features and iterating. This allows us to learn and improve at high speed.

2) Collaboration - we are unique in that we have a heavy operations aspect to our company. This requires working with many types of people from operations, product, design and engineering.

3) Honesty - we strive for open and transparent communication within our team and with our customers. Being vulnerable is the first step toward building trusting and productive relationships.

Read more about our culture here: https://zeusliving.com/careers

Read more about our engineering here: https://zeusliving.com/engineering

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Zeus employees receive 20 days of vacation and 9 days of sick leave per year.

  • Free Food

    A healthy, catered lunch is provided every day. We believe that eating together as a company is important for building personal relationships and also learning about each other's challenges.

  • Beautiful Office

    Our office is a converted loft with beautiful brick walls and a rooftop. We want Zeus properties to feel unique and it starts with an office that gives our team energy and personality.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical and dental coverage.

  • Transportation

    We offer $260/month in commuter benefits.

  • Pet Friendly

    All well-behaved four-legged friends are welcome at the office.

  • Flexible Hours

    We don't have hard rules about when you come to the office. We want you to work on a schedule that fits you and makes you productive.

  • Company Retreats

    We do a company offsite every 6 months. It's a great way to bond and look at the big picture.

  • Relocation

    If you're moving to SF, we'll provide you a month of housing at a Zeus property (obviously) and reimburse another $5,000 in moving expenses.

  • Team Activities

    We have regular happy hours and utilize our rooftop for small events.

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    We offer 16 weeks of parental leave.

  • 401(k) Contribution

    We offer a 401k plan and match the first 3% you contribute plus 50% of the next 2%.

Our Team by the Numbers

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