11 - 25 employees
11 - 25 engineers
Private funding

The company is a leading-edge technology firm that has won countless awards for our products focused on hotel distribution (we’re primarily an API company) as well as our artificial intelligence applications.

Why join us?

  • Team of quality engineers

  • Experiencing a lot of growth

  • Profitable

Engineering at Zumata

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team works in 2 weeks sprints, uses Jira to track tasks, bitbucket for version control, and jenkins for CI/CD.

Technical Challenges

Scale - combine the traffic of our clients (major online travel agents) Prediction/Cache - how to cache enough data smartly, so that we don't overwhelm our supply partners

Projects you might work on
  • Most of what we do focuses on data — how to get it from one place to another quickly, how to reduce the calls back and forth, and how to optimize systems for massive traffic

Tech stack
Google Cloud

Working at Zumata

Our motto is ‘Be Better’, and we expect this mindset from our team whether hired in our office or working remotely. This means that we want to work with people who want to improve and be the best versions of themselves possible. It is more fun to work with people driven to succeed, and the results are also of the highest quality.

Perks & benefits
Our Team by the Numbers

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