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The Triplebyte Assessment

The Triplebyte assessment is a modern, adaptive, multiple-choice test that augments or replaces traditional resume screening with granular skills data.

Standardized for Predictive Power

We built the assessment using data from 200,000+ interviews at 1,000+ companies, and trained it using advanced ML techniques. Because it's standardized and trained on real hiring outcomes, the assessment is highly predictive of which candidates will do well in your process.

Designed for High Completion Rate (> 80%)

Our tests are low-stress, adaptive (like the GRE), and take just 30 mins to complete. This is why over 80% of applicants complete the test, which is 2-3x better than typical coding challenges.

Use 9 role-specific standardized tests

Full Stack

Front End

Android Mobile

iOS Mobile

Machine Learning

Data Science


Full Stack


Front End


Interview the right candidates

Resumes are not always accurate or calibrated, leading to wasted time in interviews. Measuring actual technical skills helps focus your team’s interviewing capacity on the right candidates.

Build diverse teams

Traditional resume screening often results in non-diverse teams. Our assessment removes unconscious bias from your screening process and finds hidden gems from underrepresented backgrounds.

Give feedback to applicants

At the end of each assessment, candidates get detailed technical feedback and resources to improve. Candidates consistently appreciate this transparency in the application process.

Use for free (Really!)

After the test, we invite engineers to join the Triplebyte community of over 200K engineers. Our core business is to build a better LinkedIn for engineers, thus our business model allows us to offer this product for free. It’s a win-win.

How it works

Send Test to Applicants

Choose from our standardized tests, and send to applicants by email or set up an automated ATS response in just 5 minutes.

Review Scores

See detailed score reports calibrated on 200,000+ test completions.


Identify engineers with strong fundamentals and invite them to your first interview step.

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