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This tool has been a life saver. We've sent over 300 tests out and have been able to narrow down the candidate pool significantly.

Boris M.
Boris M.
Lead TA at Dataminr

Our candidates seem to really enjoy Screen, and a good 80% of the candidates we send it to, complete it.

Debora P.
Debora P.
University Recruiter at Flexport

We use Screen to get a more objective picture of our applicant's skills. It has markedly improved the quality of our interview pipeline!

Jeff C.
Jeff C.
Head of Infrastructure/Security at Ladder

The Triplebyte Assessment

The Triplebyte assessment is a modern, adaptive, multiple-choice test that augments or replaces traditional resume screening with granular skills data.

Standardized for Predictive Power

We built the assessment using data from 200,000+ interviews at 1,000+ companies, and trained it using advanced ML techniques. Because it's standardized and trained on real hiring outcomes, the assessment is highly predictive of which candidates will do well in your process.

Designed for High Completion Rate (> 80%)

Our tests are low-stress, adaptive (like the GRE), and take just 30 mins to complete. This is why over 80% of applicants complete the test, which is 2-3x better than typical coding assessments.

Build Your Own Screen Test

Test Building Blocks


  • General Coding Logic
  • Algorithms & Data Structures


  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Rust
  • Go
  • C#
  • C++
  • SQL
  • React

ML / Data Science

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Data Warehousing/ETL
  • Apache Spark


  • iOS
  • Android

Timed Coding

  • Timed Coding


  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Dev Automation
  • Distributed Computing
  • Linux CLI

Interview the right candidates

Resumes are not always accurate or calibrated, leading to wasted time in interviews. Measuring actual technical skills helps focus your team’s interviewing capacity on the right candidates.

Build diverse teams

Traditional resume screening often results in non-diverse teams. Our assessment removes unconscious bias from your screening process and finds hidden gems from underrepresented backgrounds.

Give feedback to applicants

At the end of each assessment, candidates get detailed technical feedback and resources to improve. Candidates consistently appreciate this transparency in the application process.


Whether your company is a new startup hiring your first engineer, or a large enterprise scaling multiple engineering teams, Triplebyte Screen scales to your hiring needs.

Up to 500 candidates

Unlimited candidates
$ 995 / month

Access to full library
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Recruiter and hiring manager seats 10 Unlimited
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How it works

Send Test to Applicants

Choose from our standardized tests, and send to applicants by email or set up an automated ATS response in just 5 minutes.

Review Scores

See detailed score reports calibrated on 200,000+ test completions.


Identify engineers with strong fundamentals and invite them to your first interview step.


We integrate with your ATS to serve full candidate reports from one central location. You gain greater efficiencies in your workflow and total visibility into your engineering candidates.

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  • Webhook


How is Triplebyte Screen better than existing tech and coding skill assessment tools?

Beyond how easy it is to use and that it’s free, the best reason to use Triplebyte Screen is that it’s simply more accurate when it comes to measuring programming ability in your applicants. Rather than focusing exclusively on a small number of algorithm problems (like other popular engineering screening services), Triplebyte Screen uses a large library of technical screening questions that provide signal on a wide range of engineering skills, including programming logic, CS fundamentals, front-end engineering, iOS, Android, DevOps, data engineering, and more. Triplebyte Screen has been trained on interview outcomes at 1,000+ companies over the last 3 years. The result is stunningly accurate. 90% of candidates who score a 5/5 on a test go on to pass interviews with senior engineers, while less than 5% of candidates who score a 1/5 or 2/5 go on to pass interviews.

Why should I use a developer assessment or code screening test?

What programming skills can I test candidates for?

What types of companies use Screen to hire engineers?

Why use multiple choice technical screening questions instead of free form?

How do I interpret test scores?

How well do the tests predict phone screen and interview performance?

How large is the question bank?

Are the tests getting better over time?

Some of the questions asked seem too easy.

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