Frequently asked questions from companies

What does Triplebyte do?

Triplebyte delivers companies technically pre-screened engineering candidates.

How do you screen candidates?

We require every engineer we work with to perform exceptionally well on a technical assessment, which consists of a 30 minute test and a 2 hour interview.

On the interview, in addition to coding exercises, we do a system design exercise, as well as a deep dive on topics like computer science, backend web, low level systems, etc. After conducting over 10,000 interviews, we have developed a set of questions and a well-defined rubric, which ensures standardization and consistency across candidate scoring.

What type of engineers are in your talent pool?

We work with front-end, back-end, full-stack and mobile developers.

Our candidates have varying experience levels, from recent grads to those with decades of experience.

How much do you charge?

We work on a fee per hire with a six month guarantee. There are no upfront costs.

Can we hire for contract or part-time work?

Unfortunately not, we only work with companies hiring for full-time positions.

Any more questions?

Just shoot us an email at and we'll reply asap.