Frequently asked questions from companies

What does Triplebyte do?

Triplebyte delivers companies technically pre-screened engineering candidates.

How do you screen candidates?

Engineers complete an adaptive test and 2-hour technical interview with a senior engineer. Only 3% of candidates are accepted. We've interviewed over 10,000 engineers over the last several years and developed a set of questions and a well-defined rubric to ensure standardization across candidate scoring.

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What type of engineers are in your talent pool?

We work primarily with back-end, front-end, full-stack and mobile engineers, as well as distributed systems and data pipeline specialists, and generalists of all kinds. Our candidates have varying experience levels, from recent grads to those with decades of experience.

Our screening does not currently cover machine learning or devops. We also do not place engineers outside of the Bay Area and New York. We are not a good option if this is what you need.

What is the Triplebyte Score?

We assign each candidate you see a Triplebyte Score. This is our prediction (based on our screening) of how likely a candidate is to pass your onsite. This does not take into account factors like years of experience or experience with particular languages. Rather, this is based on our technical assessment of their skills that are relevant to the type of engineer you're looking for (an 'archetype').

What is an archetype?

We've found that the types of engineers companies look for tend to fall into a number of discrete buckets. Archetypes describe these types of engineers. When you create a role, you can select one or more archetypes. We will match candidates to your roles based on the archetype(s) you choose.

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What are the expectations of companies that work with Triplebyte?

We expect companies who work with Triplebyte to frequently check their dashboard and be responsive to our team and to candidates throughout the hiring process.

Companies are also expected to book final, onsite interviews directly with local candidates. For out-of-town candidates, Triplebyte schedules onsites and books travel arrangements. Onsite interviews should not take longer than a day.

We do not allow any technical vetting or structured behavioral questions prior to the onsite. Companies’ trust in our technical evaluation creates an expedited interview process for candidates. This allows us to attract top engineers for you to hire.

How much do you charge?

We work on a fee per hire with a six month guarantee. There are no upfront costs.

Can we hire for contract or part-time work?

Unfortunately not, we only work with companies hiring for full-time positions.

Any more questions?

Just shoot us an email at and we'll reply asap.