Frequently asked questions about Triplebyte from Companies

What does Triplebyte do?

Triplebyte connects companies with technically assessed software engineers. Triplebyte’s candidate pool includes tens of thousands of engineers who are actively seeking or open to learning about new opportunities.

How do you screen candidates?

Engineers complete an adaptive, multiple-choice, online quiz. We've interviewed over 80,000 engineers over the last several years and have developed a set of questions and a well-defined rubric to ensure standardization across candidate scoring. We've assembled a large pool of potential questions, and the quiz asks each candidate different questions, based on where they have shown strength and weakness. By doing this we are able to get more accurate results in a shorter amount of time. The statistical model we use for our quiz (item response theory) is similar to what is behind the GRE and GMAT tests. Most of the quiz questions involve looking at blocks of code and answering questions about them (finding bugs and predicting behavior). Some questions test specific knowledge.

What type of engineers are in your talent pool?

We work primarily with back-end, front-end, full-stack, DevOps, machine learning, mobile, and generalist engineers of all kinds, as well as data science, distributed systems, and data pipeline specialists. Our candidates have varying experience levels, from recent grads to those with decades of experience.

What is an archetype?

Archetypes are how we classify engineering skills on Triplebyte, as we've found that the types of engineers companies look for tend to fall into a number of discrete buckets. Archetypes describe these types of engineers, and effectively act as a set of weights that help differentiate one candidate from another—not only in terms of their overall engineering skill but also in terms of their fit to specific role types.

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Pricing: How much do you charge?

Please refer to our pricing page: Triplebyte Pricing.

Can we hire for contract or part-time work?

Unfortunately not, we only work with companies hiring for full-time positions.

Any more questions?

Just shoot us an email at and we'll reply asap.