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We send you engineers interested in working at your company. Every engineer has gone through a full technical interviewing process with us before you talk with them. Unlike traditional recruiting agencies, we test more than the ability to list programming languages on a resume.

We're engineers who have hired at our previous companies. We start with some simple online programming quiz, then a 45 minute technical interview and a final round 2 hour interview.

We focus more on full stack generalist engineers than specialists. We work with engineers from a variety of different backgrounds and experience levels. Our screening process is designed to find engineers good at programming, not talking about programming. Occasionally we do work with Engineering Managers.

There are no upfront costs, we work on a fee per hire with the option for monthly payments over a year. We also offer a non-standard six month guarantee. If it doesn't work out during that time, we'll refund whatever amount has been paid until then. Programmers don't pay us anything.

Unfortunately not, we only work with companies hiring for full time positions.

We take the time to get to know your company and engineering challenges so we can make great suggestions. Before introducing our candidates to you, we also take the opportunity to learn our candidates' motivations, interests and decision factors. Our Talent Management team will only introduce a candidate that is genuinely open to the possibility of working at your company.

Just shoot us an email at startups@triplebyte.com and we'll reply asap.

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