Starting your Engineering Career?
Get personalized feedback to prep for interviews
Why Triplebyte?

Jobseeking in the early part of your software engineering career can be tough. Adding Triplebyte to your toolkit to showcase your skills and stand out to recruiters and hiring managers is an easy way to supercharge your search.

What are the benefits?
All quiz takers receive personalized feedback and resources for interview prep.
All quiz takers can join our engineering community of thousands for networking, advice, and mentorship.
We showcase skills, not resumes, to create a more level playing field.
What are my next steps?
The quiz covers coding basics and CS fundamentals, and it will take around 30 minutes to complete.
Step 2: Receive detailed, personalized feedback report
After you complete the entry-level quiz, you will receive a detailed, personalized feedback report that evaluates your strengths and weaknesses, as well as specific tips and resources you can use to brush up on weaker areas.
Step 3: Connect with companies and fellow engineers
Immediately start browsing our job directory, message actively hiring companies, and join our engineering community.
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