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Syntactx Technologies builds clinical trial software.
We deliver best-in-class clinical trial software.
Role for: Front-End Engineer
New York, NY
51 - 100 employees
Cloakery builds privacy-related software for a variety of clients.
We build B2B and B2C privacy related software solutions. On the B2C side, we aim to be lifelock for Privacy. On the B2B side, we aim to be the Mailchimp of privacy.
Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, Remote, San Francisco Bay Area, CA, and Seattle, WA
< 10 employees
Ready Surgery predicts surgery complications, making them easier to prevent.
We predict and prevent surgical complications, and guide patients through the preparation for and recovery from surgery.
Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, Remote, and San Francisco Bay Area, CA
< 10 employees
Elios is a risk management company that uses machine learning to predict and preempt incidents and monitor companies in real-time.
We are an alert service for early signs of risk
New York, NY and Remote
< 10 employees
Duality Group manages a quantitative hedge fund.
Alternative Investment Management & Machine Learning
Role for: Back-End Engineer
Technologies: C# C++ Python MongoDB MySQL
New York, NY
26 - 50 employees
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