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Unit21 uses machine learning to detect financial crimes.
Unit21 provides detection and investigations software for companies to combat money laundering.
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
< 10 employees
Vannevar Labs builds computer vision and language processing products for the Department of Defense.
We build natural language processing and computer vision products to support the free world.
< 10 employees
SoLo Funds connects lenders and borrowers in order to provide quick and affordable access to loans under $1000.
SoLo is a mobile exchange platform that connects Lenders and Borrowers to provide more affordable loans under $1,000.
11 - 25 employees builds automated end-to-end tests as a service.
We help our customers build automated end-to-end tests with plain English in under 5 minutes.
Technologies: React TypeScript Node.js
Remote and San Francisco Bay Area, CA
< 10 employees
Helping people find creative success in their careers
We help connect aspiring designers to tech companies looking to hire them.
New York, NY
< 10 employees
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