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Waldo is a tool to help mobile developers test and monitor UX across different devices.
We're a Saas product that uses Computer Vision, Graph Analysis and Machine learning to help mobile teams create a better user experience.
Role for: Back-End Engineer
Technologies: Node.js React AWS Docker
New York, NY
< 10 employees
Dosis is a platform for personalized drug dosing, initially focusing on treating anemia.
Personalization is seen everywhere around us, from your Netflix recommendations to your shampoo, so why not in the medication you take? We use AI to determine the best dose for a patient.
Remote and San Francisco Bay Area, CA
< 10 employees
LavaMap is a search engine for New York City real estate that provides detailed ownership and property information.
Location based search engine focused on adding transparancy to the real estate industry
Role for: Front-End Engineer
New York, NY
< 10 employees
Moonfish is a group of ex-Facebook engineers who are using tech to try to find better deals on flights.
Big data for travel company helping consumers travel for up to 90% off
Technologies: Python Flask Heroku AWS PostgreSQL
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
< 10 employees
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