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Software Engineer Salary Data

Triplebyte helps software engineers create career opportunities at hundreds of top tech companies and the most exciting startups. We're unique because we're a team of engineers running our own centralized technical interview process, we're background-blind, and our screening and matching is so good that companies like Apple, Dropbox, Mixpanel, and Instacart let the engineers we recommend skip steps in their application process.

We work fast: once you're accepted to Triplebyte, running a thorough job search and having your first offer in hand takes a median of 32 calendar days.

We've found that engineers are at a fundamental disadvantage in salary and equity negotiations. They always know less than the hiring manager. This is unfair.

Companies hiring through Triplebyte are incentivized to give competitive best offers because they know our engineers are likely to get many offers at the same time, and we provide one-on-one guidance to help you negotiate with multiple companies at once.

About the Data

Most online salary data is suspect because of self-reporting and selection bias. In contrast, we're able to aggregate all offers made to engineers we work with at Triplebyte. We work predominantly with Silicon Valley tech companies.

Last updated: November 2017

Base Salary vs. Total Compensation

We're showing base salary only. Companies also offer equity, annual bonus, signing bonus, relocation, and other benefits, which often add up to a substantial fraction of total compensation. However, it's disingenuous to compare these non-salary components on a single axis, and we advise candidates individually on these tradeoffs when comparing their offers.

Senior Software Engineer Salary

Senior software engineers:

  • have 5-7+ years professional engineering experience
  • have deep expertise and intuition in one or more technology stacks
  • can independently design and implement new systems taking business requirements into account
  • can mentor other engineers
$155,000 base is 51st-percentile for Senior software engineers going through Triplebyte

Mid-level Software Engineer Salary

Mid-level software engineers:

  • have 1-3+ years professional engineering experience
  • need little supervision to deliver working software given clear specifications
  • may have less debugging intuition or system design experience needed to create robust large-scale systems from scratch
$134,000 base is 50th-percentile for Mid-level software engineers going through Triplebyte

Junior Software Engineer Salary

Junior software engineers:

  • are in the first few years of their engineering careers
  • may require more support to deliver working software
  • may have diverse backgrounds from academia, bootcamps, or be self-taught
$119,000 base is 52nd-percentile for Junior software engineers going through Triplebyte

Early-Stage Startup Equity

Start-up equity, such as stock options:

  • provides financial upside in the case of a successful exit
  • is subject to complexities including vesting and dilution
  • see our blog post, Fixing the Inequity of Startup Equity
  • note that the distribution below excludes companies offering RSUs, which are more common at larger, later-stage companies
0.15% equity is 51st-percentile for software engineers going through Triplebyte

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