Boosted Boards

Fun, fast, and simple electric vehicles


COMPANY SIZE Between 50 and 100

# OF ENGINEERS Between 25 and 50

FUNDING $10M - $25M

TAGS Consumer Electronics, Hardware, YC Summer 2012


What do we do?

Boosted designs incredible electric vehicles that solve urban commuting. Our first product is an award-winning electric longboard that lets you carve up hills and brake on the way back down, all while being portable enough to carry anywhere. It's the perfect way to experience the joy of riding everyday and everywhere.

Technical challenges

1) We believe in doing a lot of rapid prototyping. What's rare is at Boosted you get a chance to do this while working on both hardware and software.

2) We're working on some really exciting traffic analysis work. We have thousands of vehicles on the road, logging data and we're working on how to use this to help our users make actionable decisions.

Why join us?

1) We are the world leading brand in electric skate boards -- a new product category that is growing quickly.

2) Our vision is to grow beyond electric skateboards and expanding into building other types of electric vehicles. Ultimately our mission is to build sustainable transport for the world.

3) As you see with self-driving cars, software is taking over transportation. Improving the user experience of our vehicle is increasingly driven by better data reporting from the vehicle and using this to react to situations in real time e.g. detecting unsafe conditions. We're building the strongest software team in this area and we're early enough that every software engineer at Boosted gets true ownership.

Our tech stack

  • Python
  • C
  • Android
  • Django
  • iOS