The World's First Crowdfunded Network of Commuter Shuttle Routes


COMPANY SIZE Between 25 and 50

# OF ENGINEERS Between 10 and 25


TAGS Transportation, Mobile Application, Public Transportation, Mass Transit, YC Winter 2015


What do we do?

Chariot's mission is to become the world's first sustainable mass transit service by crowdsourcing a network of commuter shuttle routes that provides a fast, reliable and affordable service using new Ford Transit 15-passenger vans. When a critical mass of future riders 'vote' for a particular route, Chariot launches its service, typically between popular residential and work areas — as well as transit hubs like commuter rail stations, ferry terminals and bus depots — providing commutes in half the time as public transit and a fraction the cost of ridesharing.

Why join us?

We're solving how to scale mass-transportation. We've been incredibly successful with tens of thousands of daily riders in SF that use us to get to work every day, and now growing to London, New York, Seattle, Toronto, Portland and Chicago this year. Unlike Uber - our drivers are our employees, the vehicles (and telematics/autonomous driving tech) is ours, and our average riders per ride is over 8. We're building faster, cheaper and sustainable transportation for millions.

Our Founders

Ali Vahabzadeh


Our tech stack

  • Python Angular & React Native iOS & Android MySQL & REDIS AWS & Docker

Our investors

  • SoftTech VC