End-to-end insights and collaboration for life science companies


COMPANY SIZE Between 25 and 50

# OF ENGINEERS Between 10 and 25

FUNDING $25M - $50M

TAGS Analytics, Enterprise Software, YC Winter 2011


What do we do?

Comprehend helps companies gather clinical data faster and visualize it.

Data from clinical trial is often stored in different places with no consistent data format. Comprehend enables every user in an organization to use that data to answer their questions across multiple disparate data systems, regardless of where the user is, or where the data resides.

Technical challenges

1) We have a lot of data processing problems at scale. For example, lots of hospitals use our software and they each have a different internal system they're using. We need to ingest their data and make it easy for them to run queries and find answers.

2) We are migrating our data store to SPARK and using SPARK ML to automate manual processes - stats/ML model

3) We work in a highly regulated industry, none of the public cloud providers are compliant so we had to build our own private cloud.

Why join us?

1) Our software saves lives e.g. it can be used by pharmaceutical companies to quickly discover potential side effects of medications.

2) We've raised investment from the most successful venture capital firm in the world, Sequoia Capital. They were previously early investors in both Apple and Google.

Our press coverage

Our Founders

Rick Morrison


Jud Gardner


Our tech stack

  • Mesos
  • Scala
  • Storm
  • Spray
  • Apache Storm
  • React
  • Docker
  • Kafka
  • Akka
  • React JS
  • kafka

Our investors

  • Sequoia Capital
  • Lightspeed Venture Partners