A credit card built for the 21st century


COMPANY SIZE Between 10 and 25

# OF ENGINEERS Between 5 and 10

FUNDING $10M - $25M

TAGS Payments, Financial Technology, Financial Services, FinTech, YC Winter 2015


What do we do?

Final is issuing a physical and digital credit card that gives consumers total control over their merchant relationships. Final allows consumers to generate as many unique credit cards numbers as they need that are associated with one main account, giving consumers the ability to give and retract access on any individual merchant. In the case of fraud or data breach, a card holder simply deactivates that one unique number not impacting any of their other relationships. Consumers no longer have to waste time re-establishing payment relationships or missing important bills.

Technical challenges

Some of the technical problems you'll be working on are:

1) Sub-second response times on random transaction calls from live payment networks with population of possible
2) Accurate and universal merchant identification
3) Transactional fraud based on heuristics
4) Moving the transactional real time processing engine from python to elixir
5) Services oriented architecture in rails that needs database splitting and rewriting to have cleaner domain boundaries

Why join us?

This is a product that impacts every day life for an average person. Dealing with fraud and data breaches is time consuming and overwhelming. You'll likely be personally using this product and you'll get to build features that will make your own personal experience better.

Our press coverage

Our Founders

Matt Rothstein


Aaron Frank


Andrew Dietrich


Our tech stack

  • Ruby
  • Redis
  • Amazon AWS
  • React
  • Restful API
  • RabbitMQ
  • Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • Tornado
  • iOS
  • Nginx

Our investors

  • Ludlow Ventures
  • Runa Capital
  • KPCB Edge
  • Montage Ventures
  • Digital Garage