Integrations for Amazon Redshift


COMPANY SIZE Less than 5

# OF ENGINEERS Less than 5

FUNDING $500K - $1M

TAGS Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Databases, YC Winter 2013


What do we do?

Fivetran synchronizes data from APIs like and Netsuite, relational databases like MySQL and Postgres, tracking pixels like Snowplow.js, and CSV files into your data warehouse.

Technical challenges

We've built everything in a really straightforward way; there's no unnecessarily fancy technology here. Our main challenge is implementing the many data sources that customers use, while keeping the codebase simple and easy to work with. Our goal is to be the single service that integrates all of your data into your data warehouse.

Why join us?

1. Since getting product-market fit in March 2015, we've grown revenue > 20% per month. We're cash-flow-positive.
2. Some of the best data teams (Zenefits, Kickstarter) use Fivetran as the foundation of their data warehouse.
3. The codebase is clean. There's proper separation of concerns and each data source functions as an independent module.

Our tech stack

  • Java
  • React JS
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Typescript