Intelligent Sales Document Automation and e-Signing


COMPANY SIZE Between 5 and 10

# OF ENGINEERS Less than 5

FUNDING $0 - $250K

TAGS Sales and Marketing, Business Intelligence, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation, San Francisco, Document Management, Ad Targeting, Artificial Intelligence, YC Winter 2016


What do we do?

GetAccept will help you push the deal forward by taking different actions based on the recipients' activities. GetAccept supports among other things email reminders, SMS links to document, auto-chat-dialogue and targeted remarketing campaigns to decision makers and influencers.
When the lead is ready to say "yes" they eSign the deal. Simple and secure directly in GetAccept.

We are currently hiring a Digital Marketing Manager, Sales Development Reps (SDRs) and Front-End developers.

Technical challenges

1) Create the best looking and easiest user interface helping people to save time and make more money easier and faster than ever.
2) We scaling rapidly on the user base and fine tune application speed and performance daily.
3) Improve our algorithms with AI to maximize customer outcome on automated follow-ups and bots.

Why join us?

1) Sales driven atmosphere experienced founders done successful exits before.
2) Our product is very popular and it really works. Our Revenue Growth average over 30% a month.
3) We help both small and large enterprises such as Holiday Inn to increase their Close Rate.
4) Be a part of a killer-team with people who loves to both Work Hard and Play Hard.

Our Founders

Samir Smajic


Carl Carell


Mathias Thulin

Growth Hacker  

Jonas Blanck

Tech guru