Machine Learning Personalization


COMPANY SIZE Between 10 and 25

# OF ENGINEERS Less than 5


TAGS Advertising, Analytics, Machine Learning, YC Winter 2014


What do we do?

LiftIgniter is a machine learning personalization system. We process billions of pages per month to predict the perfect piece of content for each user at that exact moment in time.

Imagine what YouTube and Netflix do to show you the perfect piece of content to keep you engaged (and generating revenue). Few companies even understand the technical challenge of personalization let alone can afford PhDs to build a system. They outsource this work to the experts - LiftIgniter.

Technical challenges

1) Personalizing for each specific user at each specific action in time all in real-time. That's a mouthful but our work is all real-time, which means we personalize for each user at each click. On billions of page views, it's tough.
2) Machine learning - we're good but we can always be better. We're constantly updating our algorithms.
3) Scale scale scale - imagine a world where everything is personalized. We're building that but it takes time. With you here, the next evolution of the web will happen faster!

Why join us?

1) Talented team - are you tired of working with people below your skill level? Join LiftIgniter and you'll be pushed each day to learn something new and build something better than you imagined.
2) Machine learning - ML is a hot new topic but just like "Big Data" before it, everyone wants to do it but few understand it. We're doing real machine learning...and it works. Build you skill in what is quickly becoming the hottest new engineering field.
3) Funded by some of the best - check out our list of investors. It's deep. We're not going anywhere.
4) Revenue - we have it. Why? We're providing a real, valuable product to customers.

Our press coverage

We're intentionally under the radar...for now.

Our Founders

Indraneel Mukherjee


PhD in machine learning at Princeton. Worked as Google on a massive scale machine learning project. Started LiftIgniter to bring the power of machine learning personalization to the web.

Our tech stack

  • Scala
  • Hadoop
  • Javascript
  • AWS
  • spark
  • Kafka
  • React JS

Our investors

  • Khosla Ventures
  • Y Combinator
  • SV Angel
  • Data Collective