SMS-based interface for everything


COMPANY SIZE Between 10 and 25

# OF ENGINEERS Between 5 and 10

FUNDING $10M - $25M

TAGS Logistics, Machine Learning, Consumer Products, YC Winter 2015


What do we do?

Magic is one phone number that you can send a text message to 24/7 and get anything you want, whenever you want it. Food, flowers, plane tickets, reservations, electronics, you name it.

Our big vision is to built Magic into the command line interface to the world; it is an API for everything. You can’t "sudo make me a sandwich" but you can "magic make me a sandwich." Magic is a unified plaintext interface that sits as a layer of abstraction over the set of all possible products, services, and actions.

Technical challenges

We're building a lot of software to help our "Magicians" be more efficient and leveraged. This is a cool problem because you get to build the software from first principles, with a really tight user feedback loop.

Why join us?

1) When we started Magic our back end processes were manually, with the founders doing much of the initial request fulfillment. Over the last year we've built sophisticated technology, using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to automate and improve many of these processes.

2) Y Combinator founder, Paul Graham, has compared Magic to the personal computer. We're building the infrastructure on top of which the biggest mass market use case will emerge, in the way that spreadsheets took off once the personal computer became popular.

3) We raised an early round of funding from top investors, giving us plenty of runway to build a great company.

4) As we've scaled our back end processes using technology, we're servicing more people per day and are now up to 600 people daily using Magic.

Our press coverage

Our Founders

Mike Chen


Our tech stack

  • NodeJS

Our investors

  • Sequoia Capital