Mashgin is using computer vision to re-imagine retail checkout


COMPANY SIZE Between 5 and 10

# OF ENGINEERS Between 5 and 10


TAGS Computer Vision, Machine Learning, YC Winter 2015


What do we do?

At Mashgin, we apply advanced computer vision to real world problems, starting with retail checkout. Our kiosk uses computer vision to scan multiple items at once without barcodes or RFID, reducing checkout time by 10x. But that’s just the beginning -- we’re building the future of machine vision for all businesses.

Technical challenges

- reconstruct the 3D image of an object down to millimeter-accuracy using multiple cameras under possible occlusion
- securely sync thousands of machines such that a new item loaded in New York is immediately available for recognition in California
- quantify the distinguishing characteristics of an object and to accurately retrieve the object among tens of thousands of possibilities

Why join us?

Our team has diverse experience in machine learning, computer vision, experience design, finance, mechanical engineering, and more… but we all have a shared love for making things. We believe machine vision and automation have amazing future potential with a countless number of applications.

Mashgin is well funded from top Silicon Valley investors following the Y Combinator Winter 2015 batch. We hail from organizations such as Facebook, Microsoft, Toyota Humanoid Robotics, Bell Labs, and the U.S. Navy and Marines.

Our tech stack

  • C++
  • Node.js
  • OpenNI
  • Computer Vision
  • OpenCV
  • Javascript
  • Machine Learning