Nanotechnology for windshields that keeps vehicles on the road.


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What do we do?

Neverfrost is a clear film that is applied on a vehicle's windshield. It prevents frost in the winter, keeps vehicles cooler in the summer, and protects the windshield from stone chips around the year.

These properties benefit fleet driven businesses in three ways:
1. Lower fuel & repair costs: fewer windshields replaced, and less fuel spent idling to defrost or used by the A/C
2. Increased driver comfort: 99% UV protection, improved visibility in harsh weather, and cooler cabins in summer
3. Eco-friendly operations: fewer windshields dumped into landfills and greenhouse gases emitted

Why join us?

Neverfrost is a Y-Combinator funded nanotechnology startup with a mission to rapidly commercialize nanotechnology, and by doing so, redefine how fast we commercialize nanotechnology today.

We're starting by inventing Neverfrost because it solves a problem we know intimately as Canadians and have the technical expertise to solve it. And we are proving that nanotechnology commercialization can be rapid: first proof-of-concept in 6 months, first customer signed 2 months later, and we are now working with 14 fleets (4200 vehicles) on a larger pre-launch pilot.

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