AI that writes sales emails


COMPANY SIZE Between 5 and 10

# OF ENGINEERS Less than 5

FUNDING $500K - $1M

TAGS Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Technology, Sales Automation, Sales, Business Analytics, Analytics, Real Time, YC Winter 2016


What do we do?

Nova is building an AI that helps sales people write the highest quality emails at scale.

Traditionally, to write a good sales email takes 30 minutes per recipient. It also requires a lot of research. Nova reduces this process to 30 seconds by doing all of the research and language synthesis for our customers.

We are a team of six building an AI platform that helps dozens of companies drive 3x the revenue. Our goal is to help people write the best message possible in the least amount of time to drive the best results for their business.

Technical challenges

1) Data capture. We need to be able to deliver an ever more dynamic range of personalized data to our users. This will require capturing more structured data from unstructured data (like passages of text), and pulling in data from other sources.

1) Scaling the real-time analytics engine. This engine services hundreds of requests per second, and is constantly growing. To do this effectively, we need ever more efficient algorithms and distributed infrastructure.

3) User experience design. Sales people demand an easy-to-use and powerful experience. We need great engineers with user empathy to understand and deliver a great product to our customers.

Why join us?

1) Founders have deep knowledge of sales and how to build products that sales people love
2) We are growing revenue at 116% month over month
3) We have sold into big enterprises like Uber and

Our press coverage

Our Founders

William Dinkel

Bryan Pirtle

Our tech stack

  • Javascript
  • AngularJS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google Cloud
  • Machine Learning
  • Chrome Extension
  • Ruby
  • Amazon AWS
  • Git
  • Ruby on Rails

Our investors

  • Rightside Capital
  • Prominent Angels