Open Invest

Smart, transparent, automatic investing


COMPANY SIZE Between 10 and 25

# OF ENGINEERS Between 5 and 10


TAGS Fin Tech, Social Investing, YC Summer 2015


What do we do?

We're an online investment advisor that makes it easy for people to invest responsibly. Our algorithm takes user preferences and turns them into a financially responsible portfolio.

For example, if you care a lot about climate change we'll create a porfolio for you with companies that have a positive effect on climate change and exclude those that don't. We use this by analyzing data from non profits and data providers. Once we've identified the companies that match your preferences, we'll make the investments directly like Wealthfront or other robo advisors.

Technical challenges

Working on the core trading algorithms is an interesting challenge. Our back-end is written in F# and we've used functional languages for writing our algorithms.

Product challenges - adding new features, e.g proxy voting, and we will continue having a lot of UX/UI challenges as new features are launched. We're looking for people to take ownership of these product decisions and launches.

Why join us?

1) Our product is impacting social change in a very direct way by allocating capital to the right places. We've seen people become increasing inspired by our mission and service after the recent election results and political landscape.

2) Our founding team is very experienced and are willing to provide a lot of mentorship and career guidance to employees. Both co-founders have over a decade of professional tech experience and Philip previously co-founded Deliveroo, a startup now valued at over $1 billion.

3) We launched in September 2016 and have been growing 10% week over week in users since then. We've raised funding from a top three VC and have enough runway to grow our team significantly and invest heavily in marketing and acquiring users.

4) We're a small team of 4 people working on an important social mission in a marter that is growing fast.

Our tech stack

  • Node.js
  • AWS
  • MongoDB