The Experimentation Platform


COMPANY SIZE Between 5 and 10

# OF ENGINEERS Between 5 and 10

FUNDING $25M - $50M

TAGS Internet Marketing, Ad Targeting, Personalization, Software, YC Winter 2010


What do we do?

We make it easy for anyone to improve their product through experimentation. We started by building the most popular A/B testing product and we've now expanded into six different products including content personalization and recommendations.

Technical challenges

1) Our front end framework is Nuclear.js (https://github.com/optimizely/nuclear-js), which was developed in-house and is open sourced. It has over 1500 stars on Github.

2) Being a front end engineer at Optimizely is especially challenging because we're creating an application for non-technical users to setup and edit the user experience of their website. Making this work, regardless of how the side is coded is a tough problem exacerbated by needed to handled 100's of audiences and experiments simultaneously.

Why join us?

1) Every company says they have a transparent culture but we actually do. When raising our last round of funding, our CEO shared the term sheets received with the company and explained why he'd decided to go with the one chosen.

2) The product is working really well. We have over 7,000 customers including Microsoft, IBM, Crate & Barrel, Disney and CNN.

3) Our founder and CEO has deep domain expertise in this area. He was the Director of Analytics for the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign where he first introduced the idea of using A/B testing to optimize the campaign website.

4) Optimization can be a huge force for good. We were able to optimize the website for donations to the Haiti earthquake to increase the number of donations received.

Our tech stack

  • Flux
  • App engine
  • HBase
  • nuclear.js
  • react
  • Hadoop
  • Kafka
  • Python

Our investors

  • Bain Capital Ventures
  • Benchmark Capital
  • Battery Ventures
  • Felicis Ventures
  • Google Ventures