Rainforest QA

QA as a service


COMPANY SIZE Between 25 and 50

# OF ENGINEERS Between 10 and 25


TAGS SaaS, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Big Data, Marketplaces, YC Summer 2012


What do we do?

Insanely simple testing. We automate your functional and integration testing with our QA-as-a-Service API. Run tests in 30 minutes against our 50,000 strong human-powered Execution Engine. No hiring required.

Technical challenges

Some of the problems and technical challenges we are working on right now:

- Supervised machine learning for fraud detection
- Our next generation Front-end app
- Our next generation API
- Infrastructure for our virtual machine stack (our testers are given a fresh VM in their browser for every test)
- Better test management for teams
- Adding integrations
- Improved self-learning experience for our clients
- Improving test execution speed

Why join us?

Meaty problems
We're working on serious problems that haven't yet been solved. You're the kind of person who isn't turned on by the idea of spending your time working on trivial problems.

You'll have a big impact
We're a small, flat team that punches above our weight. You believe in solving problems with code, not headcount, and you want to own large areas of the product and have your voice count for something.

Culture of Open Source
Rainforest is dedicated to Open Source. If you work on OSS for fun, you'll fit right in at Rainforest. We're the maintainers of several projects and we don't shy away from open sourcing the bits that make sense.

Great work environment
We work out of Heavybit, which is a space dedicated to making dev tools companies successful. You want to work in a beautiful environment, surrounded by smart people. Heavybit runs a weekly speaker series, as well as regular office hours with people smarter than us.

Competitive salary - real ownership
We offer a sliding scale of pay and equity, and everyone on the team has taken more equity at the expense of short term salary. We don't believe in offering mere points to early team members. We give meaningful ownership in the business you spend your life on.

All the usual SF startup stuff, or work remotely!
Unlimited, paid time off. Catered lunch. Whatever hardware you need. We will pay for you to go to any conference you're invited to speak at. We will support you in creating meetups (use our space!), and generally help to enable your personal bad-assery in whatever way we can. Half our team is remote already, so if you prefer to live outside of SF, that's not a problem either.

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Our Founders

Russell Smith


In a past life I provided consultancy for startups & companies around development, ops, architecture design and capacity planning.

Fred Stevens-Smith


Our tech stack

  • ruby
  • go
  • PostgreSQL
  • Machine Learning
  • sass
  • React JS
  • Objective C
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Heroku
  • Amazon S3
  • aws
  • REST
  • React
  • Amazon AWS

Our investors

  • Crosslink Capital
  • Andreessen Horowitz
  • Storm Ventures
  • Y Combinator