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COMPANY SIZE Less than 5

# OF ENGINEERS Less than 5

FUNDING $500K - $1M

TAGS E-Commerce, Consumer Goods, Marketplaces, Social Commerce, Communities, YC Winter 2016


What do we do?

Restocks is building a tool to help passionate fans discover where they can find the products they love. We're super early and are working on turning this tool and base of highly valuable customers into a prospering marketplace and community.

Technical challenges

1. Scaling Postgres and Node to a rapidly growing user base
2. Architecting new real time features for our new community and marketplace - chances to experiment with new technology as we build out this part of our stack
3. We scrape 50K+ products in real time and this is growing quickly - dealing with large amounts of data and data analysis has been a part of the business since the beginning

Why join us?

1. We're generating revenue from a subscription model and growing the number of subscribers 30% monthly.
2. You'll have a chance to join a super early team and get a chance to make crucial infrastructure decisions on new systems that haven't been built yet.
3. Since we're a small team, we're able to generously compensate in equity and provide opportunities to gain responsibility as we grow. You're going to play a vital part in a growing business.

Our Founders

Luke Miles


Our tech stack

  • PostgreSQL
  • Node
  • Ionic
  • RethinkDB
  • AngularJS