Fixing Transit


COMPANY SIZE Between 50 and 100

# OF ENGINEERS Between 10 and 25

FUNDING $10M - $25M

TAGS Mobile, YC Winter 2012


What do we do?

Ridecell is a platform that makes it easy for anyone to launch and operate a mobility service. One example is our partnership with BMW, where we powered their launch of ReachNow in Seattle. ReachNow is a car sharing service that lets Seattle residents pick up and drop off a car anywhere in the city. We built all of the software to power the management of this vehicle fleet and also create a great experience for car sharers.

Effectively we let anyone create an Uber-like infrastructure, with the additional software needed to manage car sharing and fleet management.

Technical challenges

1) The software we're building to manage vehicles has to find solutions for problems that happen in the real world. For example, when a vehicle needs an oil change our software has to immediately recognize this and then suggest to the driver what the best course of action is. These problems are tricky and need a lot of thinking through.

2) We have many classic optimization problems, e..g managing supply and demand of a car sharing service.

3) It's crucial that our software maintain continuous uptime as it's a critical service in the lives of every one of our customers (and their customers).

4) Understanding the core underlying problems transit solves, so that we can building software that solves them in the best possible way instead of just digitizing existing manual approaches.

Why join us?

1) There is a big shift in the transportation industry away from car ownership and towards subscription services that give people access to cars when they need. Uber and Zipcar are examples of companies pushing this trend. The car manufacturers need to do something before this puts them out of business, which is why they're coming to us. We make it easy for them to ride this trend and setup their own car sharing services.

2) We've hit product market fit with our product. We're signing up the large car manufacturers and growing our team - since June we've gone from 20 to 50 employees. The product is working really well too, we helped Google power an on campus ride sharing service and they've been able to scale from 200 rides per day to 1000 per day using the same number of drivers.

3) We're also building the software to power a fleet of autonomous vehicles. We know that self driving cars are the future and we're going to be the infrastructure layer that manages these fleets - no one else is focusing on this piece.

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Our tech stack

  • Python
  • iOS/Swift
  • PostgreSQL
  • Javascript
  • Ansible
  • Django
  • Android/Java
  • java
  • React
  • Amazon AWS

Our investors

  • Khosla Ventures
  • Y Combinator
  • BMW Ventures
  • Initialized Capital