Rigetti Computing

On a mission to build the world's first and most powerful quantum computer.


COMPANY SIZE Between 50 and 100

# OF ENGINEERS Between 5 and 10

FUNDING $25M - $50M

TAGS Hardware, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing, YC Summer 2014


What do we do?

Rigetti Computing is developing cloud-deployed quantum computers to solve humanity's most pressing and valuable problems. We are a highly diverse and interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers working at the cutting edge of technology in a mission-driven entrepreneurial environment. We believe that bringing together teams from various cultures, educational backgrounds, and technical disciplines helps them to see things from more points of view and to make great products that change the world for the better.

Technical challenges

- Writing quantum programs today is hard. How can we improve our libraries to lower the barrier to quantum programming and that grow the community and ecosystem? What are the abstractions for making it easy to work with complex linear algebra as your programming primitives?

- Calibrating superconducting processors involves lots of optimization techniques and abstractions from experimental physics. How can we improve our software toolkit that automates experiments into rote calibration routines?

- Interesting applications for quantum computing are hybrid ones, where classical (regular) computers work in tandem with quantum ones. How can we improve our heterogenous cloud architecture that runs applications across both?

- What are the right internal systems and services that allow our hardware teams to analysis test results and quickly incorporate them into new designs?

- Lots of scientific software and libraries that are relevant to our technology are in Python. How do you best build systems that balance the availability of these libraries and mitigate some of the downsides of trying to build mission critical systems with dynamic types!

Why join us?

“People who are serious about software should make their own hardware” — Alan Kay

The world's first quantum computers are now being built and they require new software to test, calibrate, program and deploy them. These software engineers have a chance to build the device drivers, firmware, C, gcc, and unix of the quantum computing stack. Everyday you get to teach and learn from quantum physicists, cryogenic engineers, superconducting device fabrication, mathematicians as these fields come together in one technology. And software is often the glue that brings it all together.

We build software that:
- runs high speed RF microwave generators
- that is deployed to physicists and hardware engineers calibrating superconducting chips
- builds a microcode for quantum/classical shared memory computing
- hooks the processors into a cloud infrastructure
- provides a cloud API to our hardware and simulators
- are open-source libraries for quantum algorithm and application development by researchers in chemistry, physics, and machine learning

These are all new areas and so you have the opportunity to be creative in how you work, and should be comfortable with a little invention.

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Our tech stack

  • Python