Netflix for ebooks


COMPANY SIZE Between 50 and 100

# OF ENGINEERS Between 25 and 50

FUNDING $25M - $50M

TAGS Publishing, Social Media, File Sharing, News, YC Summer 2006


What do we do?

Scribd is a digital library, featuring an e-book subscription service on iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet. We offer a monthly membership that gives you access to all kinds of content including ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and even sheet music..

Technical challenges

We host a huge amount of content, making that quickly and easily accessible to our hundreds of thousands of users across the world is a meaty technical challenge.

Why join us?

1) We're operating at large scale. We host 1% of all PDF's in the world and offer access to millions of book titles.

2) We generate significant revenue and have raised enough funding for the company to be very stable. At the same time we're launching new products like the reading membership, which gives you the rare opportunity to mix both company stability and the rush of launching new products.

3) We work with the five biggest book publishers in the world e.g. Penguin and Random House.

Our tech stack

  • Amazon EC2
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Android/Java
  • Javascript
  • s
  • MySQL
  • Amazon S3
  • iOS
  • Ruby
  • Machine Learning
  • Hive

Our investors

  • CRV
  • Redpoint Ventures