Anti-abuse service


COMPANY SIZE Between 5 and 10

# OF ENGINEERS Between 5 and 10


TAGS Big Data, Developer APIs, Machine Learning, Mobile, Distributed Systems / Scaling, YC Winter 2015


What do we do?

Smyte is building an anti-spam/abuse/fraud platform for mobile apps and websites.

From a stream of incoming events (logins, payments, pageviews, settings changes) we extract potential spam signals and identify suspicious looking actions. This is done primarily by a well maintained graph of rules, but also has machine learning aspects to it.

We allow full customization of the spam fighting rules via simple javascript statements, and have a flexible system for browsing the data once in our system.

Technical challenges

1) We're dealing with a massive traffic (literally every single pageview from large websites)

2) We eventually plan on giving verdicts to every action in realtime (think

Why join us?

1) We've built a strong team of engineers that have dealt with these issues at Facebook/Google and are bringing their solutions to the rest of the world.

2) We are very early (launched June 2015), but already our existing customers love us -

Our press coverage

Our tech stack

  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Google Cloud
  • Kafka
  • Kubernetes
  • React
  • C++
  • Druid
  • Redis
  • AWS
  • RabbitMQ
  • Consul
  • python

Our investors

  • Y Combinator
  • Harrison Metal
  • Upside
  • Baseline Ventures
  • Founder Collective