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COMPANY SIZE Between 10 and 25

# OF ENGINEERS Between 5 and 10


TAGS Developer APIs, Enterprise Software, SaaS, YC Summer 2011


What do we do?

Streak is an app that lets its users manage customers, sales, email support, bug tracking and hiring right inside Gmail.

Technical challenges

1) Since our product lives inside Gmail, performance matters a lot and we have to add the minimum amount of overhead to all actions within Gmail. This requires a lot of optimization.

2) We built InboxSDK, the most popular API for interacting and working with Gmail. Maintaining this requires thinking a lot about API design and working around constraints in Gmail.

3) Machine learning challenges - there is a lot of unstructured data in email and much structured data in Streak. We can use both to help our users optimize and improve their workflows e.g. looking at what happened in successful deals and analyzing emails to figure out how to optimize your sales flow. By having the email data we can go much deeper than any other sales software

Why join us?

1) We're a very profitable company with 1000's of paying users and 100,000's of installs. Customers love our product, you'll see 5 star reviews in the Chrome web store for our browser extension and people use Streak for hours everyday. Some of our customers include Uber, Lyft, Dropbox, Atlassian, Airbnb.

2) We're still a small team of 17 people and you'll get all the upsides of a startup (more responsibility, no bureaucracy, career growth) with the stability that comes from a clear business model and profitability. It's rare to find that combination.

3) We all enjoy working together and have free, catered lunches in the office everyday. We have bi-weekly company poker nights and enjoy going out to museums and watching movies. We also give everyone a $200 per month grant to spend money on things that make your life easy e.g. using Uber and Taskrabbit.

4) We graduated from Y Combinator in 2011 and our investors include Chris Sacca, an early investor in Twitter and Uber.

Our Founders

Aleem Mawani


Omar Ismail


Our tech stack

  • Javascript
  • Java
  • Go
  • Google App Engine

Our investors

  • Redpoint Ventures
  • Battery Ventures
  • Floodgate
  • Chris Sacca