Search as a service — for websites and mobile apps


COMPANY SIZE Between 25 and 50

# OF ENGINEERS Between 10 and 25

FUNDING $10M - $25M

TAGS Mobile, E-Commerce, Publishing, Mobile Commerce, Search, YC Winter 2012


What do we do?

Swiftype builds fast, customizable search software for websites and apps that can be deployed in minutes. We've built tools that make it easy for anyone at the company, including non-technical users, to customize how the search works for them.

Technical challenges

1) We've built one of the largest web-crawling infrastructures on the Internet. We crawl hundreds of millions of pages and keep them updated on an on-going basis to make sure we're always delivering accurate search results.

2) We've built a detailed analytics suite that ingests search queries and their subsequent user actions, to come up with actionable insights for them e.g. we analyze exactly what users do after a query and use that data to update our relevance model.

Why join us?

1) We're serving billions of user generated search queries a month. Keeping these results fast and relevant is a really interesting challenge.

2) Swiftype has a lot of interesting product challenges, especially making sure our customization tools are easy for non technical users to use and edit their search parameters.

3) A number of well known companies rely on us for their site search e.g. AOL (we power the search on a number of their properties including Engadget and Techcrunch), Asana, Shopify and Survey Monkey.

Our press coverage


Our tech stack

  • Ruby
  • Lucene
  • Javascript
  • React
  • JRuby
  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL
  • Rails
  • Redis
  • JVM

Our investors

  • New Enterprise Associates
  • CrunchFund
  • SV Angel
  • Andreessen Horowitz
  • Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers
  • Y Combinator
  • Sam Altman