Fixing the broken hiring process for engineers.


COMPANY SIZE Between 10 and 25

# OF ENGINEERS Between 5 and 10


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What do we do?

We help engineers find great startups to work at. We ignore resumes and do full technical interviews and work with every engineer to identify a small number of startups they'd enjoy working at. We then fast-track them through the hiring process at those companies.

Our ultimate goal is to collect the largest dataset on identifying good programmers and use this to build the world's best technical hiring process.

Technical challenges

1) Analyzing the large amount of data we have from screening engineers and using it to improve our process.

2) Designing tests that accurately measure technical ability, not just ability to memorize algorithms.

Why join us?

1) Experienced founders. Ammon and Guillaume founded Socialcam (acquired for $60 million). Harj founded and sold Auctomatic, and was the first non-founding partner at Y Combinator. We're in this to build a large, meaningful company.

2) It's working. Within six months we've reached profitability and received applications from thousands of engineers. We're the only company working on recruiting which is respected by engineers.

3) We're working on a huge problem which every engineer has personal experience with. In the future, companies running their own recruiting processes and not using Triplebyte will seem as outdated as writing your own database.

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Our Founders

Harj Taggar

CEO, Founder  

Harj was previously the first partner brought in at Y Combinator since its founding. Before that he was a YC founder, co-founding Auctomatic which was acquired by Livecurrent Media. He moved to San Francisco from London in 2007.

Ammon Bartram

Chief Data Officer, Founder

Ammon was lead video developer at, before co-founding Socialcam in 2011 with Guillaume Luccisano and Michael Seibel. Socicalcam was acquired by Autodesk in 2012 for $60m. He eats persimmons and enjoys cryptography.

Guillaume Luccisano

CTO, Founder      

Guillaume is a French software engineer. He previously co-founded Socialcam, a W12 YC startup. Acquired by Autodesk for $60M.

Our tech stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • Redis
  • React