Help save the American Dream by funding more businesses


COMPANY SIZE Between 10 and 25

# OF ENGINEERS Less than 5

FUNDING $5M - $10M

TAGS Finance, Crowdfunding, FinTech, Startups, Small and Medium Businesses, Impact Investing, Social Investing, Travel, YC Winter 2013


What do we do?

We aim to revitalize capitalism and keep the American dream alive. GDP growth is slowing. Wealth inequality is increasing. Entrepreneurship is dying across America; falling from 10.6% to 3.6% among those under 30 since 1989. We aim to reverse these trends by funding more deserving businesses. Our goal is to build a new type of stock market ("a NASDAQ for riskier ventures") that lets markets allocate capital to a wide range of businesses, more efficiently than banks or VC's.

Technical challenges

1) Scaling users. We've had more users in the last week than the past three years combined.

2) Optimizing conversion. We formally only had users that were wealthy investors. Now everyone and their grandma can invest. Lots of new things to learn.

Why join us?

Equity crowdfunding was legalized for the first time in 80 years last week. We get to help fund hundreds of businesses across the country - basically helping the dreams of entrepreneurs come true, and fix capitalism . Here it is in their own words from the kind of people we help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKZPilVSVdE

We typically travel to meet entrepreneurs in person because it's fun and the right things to do. We just took a train trip across the country, and flew to Hawaii: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFV5SCqVxr4

We're pretty fun people. See some photos of us at https://wefunder.com/jobs

We're also 7x larger than every other competitor combined. We intend to be dominate.

Everything else you want to know about us might be here: https://wefunder.com/wefunder

Our press coverage

We have a shit-ton of press from nearly every mainstream publication. Full list here: https://wefunder.com/press

Our Founders

Nick Tommarello


Founder at Wefunder and Startup Workaway. Reformed MBA that picked up some coding and design skills.

Mike Norman


Undercover MBA and retired kickboxer. Ardent helper and true believer in the problem solving ability of passionate teams.

Greg Belote


All-around lover of software and startups. Big fan of JFDI and getting stuff done.

Our tech stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • CoffeeScript
  • AngularJS
  • Heroku
  • sass

Our investors

  • 280 investors on our own platform. We eat our own dog food.