Nonprofit: P2P microlending


COMPANY SIZE Less than 5

# OF ENGINEERS Less than 5

FUNDING $0 - $250K

TAGS Nonprofits, Microlending, Marketplaces, Consumer, YC Winter 2014


What do we do?

Zidisha (W14 nonprofit) is the first loan crowdfunding platform for people in developing countries that connects people directly, without going through local bank intermediaries. We've gotten the cost of lending down from over 35% at traditional microloan crowdfunding platforms such as Kiva, to just 5%. We did this by leveraging the explosive growth of the internet to target internet-capable young adults in the world's poorest countries, replacing local loan officers with a self-governing, eBay-style peer-to-peer lending community.

Technical challenges

As our sole engineering hire (for now), here are some things you might do:

- Upgrade our Laravel 4 framework to Laravel 5
- Continuously add and update unit tests, refactor the codebase and keep it up to date with current technologies
- Help build lots of user experience improvements: smarter loan project search results, customizable email digests for lenders, loan balance queries via SMS for borrowers, etc.
- Use Google Translation API to automatically translate non-English project profiles and comments
- Build stats dashboard to help us more precisely predict loan capital supply and demand
- Work with data scientists to integrate credit risk prediction algorithm updates (Python)
- Review and deploy front-end pull requests
- Interact with our borrowers and lenders via email for technical questions
- Help with other activities as necessary in a startup

Why join us?

Make a big impact in the world (bring opportunity to some of the world’s poorest places by connecting them to a marketplace that’s independent of geography, develop the world’s first direct P2P microlending community – a model that is revolutionizing the traditional microfinance paradigm).

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Our tech stack

  • PHP
  • Elasticsearch
  • Vagrant
  • Git
  • PHPUnitTest
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • jQuery
  • Laravel
  • Ansible
  • Composer
  • Github
  • Bootstrap
  • Nginx