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Each company has its own, long interview process. And with every new company, you have to do it all over again.

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When should I sign up?

Take our quiz anytime, even just for fun! After the quiz, find a time to talk with us within 3-4 months before you can start a new full-time position. If you’re free sooner, that’s great too.

How much does it cost?

Free for engineers. We’ll even cover your flights and hotels for final interviews. Companies pay us because we make their hiring process more efficient.

Is it confidential?

Yes. We will not share any information about you with companies until you’re ready. We will also ask you for companies to block in case your current or past employers are on our platform.

Engineers love Triplebyte

We help engineers identify high-growth opportunities, get their foot in the door with our recommendation, and negotiate multiple offers.

Peter Lefferts, Software Engineer hired by Stripe

“Triplebyte really opened doors for me. I lived three thousand miles from Silicon Valley, and had no contacts in the area. Triplebyte got me in touch with all kinds of companies. I ended up with a great offer from Stripe, and the job has been great.”

Aubrey Worthington, Software Engineer hired by Flexport

“Before using Triplebyte, nobody responded to me because I was a CS grad in Australia. Using Triplebyte, I interviewed at 5 companies and got 5 offers. I accepted a job at Flexport, because they’re exciting and growing really quickly.”

Alejandro Lucena, Software Engineer hired by Apple

“My experiences with Triplebyte were nothing short of fantastic. Triplebyte matched my passion with excellent candidate companies and provided me with immense exposure to a thriving industry in the heart of Silicon Valley.”

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How to Pass a Programming Interview

By Ammon Bartram

Being a good programmer has a surprisingly small role in passing programming interviews. To be a productive programmer, you need to be able to solve large, sprawling problems over weeks and months. Each question in an interview, in contrast, lasts less than one hour. To do well in an interview, then, you need to be able to solve small problems quickly, under duress, while explaining your thoughts clearly. This is a different skill. On top of this, interviewers are often poorly trained and inattentive (they would rather be programming), and ask questions far removed from actual work. They bring bias, pattern matching, and a lack of standardization.

Read More

How to Interview Engineers

By Ammon Bartram

We do a lot of interviewing at Triplebyte. Indeed, over the last 2 years, I've interviewed just over 900 engineers. Whether this was a good use of my time can be debated! (I sometimes wake up in a cold sweat and doubt it.) But regardless, our goal is to improve how engineers are hired. To that end, we run background-blind interviews, looking at coding skills, not credentials or resumes. After an engineer passes our process, they go straight to the final interview at companies we work with (including Apple, Facebook, Dropbox and Stripe). We interview engineers without knowing their backgrounds, and then get to see how they do across multiple top tech companies. This gives us, I think, some of the best available data on interviewing.

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Bootcamps vs. College

By Ammon Bartram

Programming bootcamps seem to make an impossible claim. Instead of spending four years in university, they say, you can learn how to be a software engineer in a three month program. On the face of it, this sounds more like an ad for Trump University than a plausible educational model.

But this is not what we’ve found at Triplebyte. We do interviews with engineers, and match them with startups where they’ll be a good fit. Companies vary widely in what skills they look for, and by mapping these differences, we’re able to help engineers pass more interviews and find jobs they would not have found on their own. Over the last year, we’ve worked with about 100 bootcamp grads, and many have gone on to get jobs at great companies. We do our interviews blind, without knowing a candidate's background, and we regularly get through an interview and give a candidate very positive scores, only to be surprised at the end when we learn that the candidate has only been programming for 6 months.

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